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Community Spotlight - Interview with Paper Lanterns

Hello everyone! Welcome to Nox the Reader, I'm Nox, and today's post is an interview with Paper Lanterns, an online literary journal based in Ireland! Paper Lanterns logo was created by Eleanor Brayden I had the chance to interview the creators of Paper Lanterns - Grace Kelly, Ruth Ennis, and Amy O'Sullivan, and ask them questions about their inspiration behind the literary journal and what they do!
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Book Trigger Warnings Wiki | Community Resource

Hey everyone! Welcome to Nox the Reader, I'm "Nox", and today I'm sharing an awesome community resource that my friends Jenny and Rob made: the Book Trigger Warnings Wikia! Jenny and Rob officially launched the website last Thursday, and the way it's set up is amazing! This is going to be a graphic-heavy post because I want to show y'all how easy it is to use. Anyone can view and explore the wiki, but in order to edit and add the triggers, you have to create an account. I'm not kidding when I say it took me less than a minute to set one up! You click where it says Anonymous in the top right corner, click Create Account, and you make a username and password! That's it! I love this idea because some of us have triggers that are oftentimes overlooked by others. If you're worried that a trigger won't be included, there's nothing better than including it yourself! If a book you've read isn't already on the wiki, you can create a pa